All patterns are pretty actually

This is now officially a selfie blog. Everyone can unfollow.
So I had my hair chopped off. It’s this awkward length that looks really childish…

New glasses too 8D

aahhh it was so cold today x_x

my hair is now too short to cover my ears and earmuffs are pretty much unheard of…some girl I know dragged me along to hang out today

well I got myself some cute clothes at least 

skirts with tights, gotta love them :3


3 days left

ahh it’s almost 8 AM and I have woken up because I was unaware that the first two classes were canceled x_x

the one time I have a chance to sleep in and I didn’t use it

this sucks

ponkoporo replied to your post “ponkoporo replied to your post: this has been on my mind for too…”

That has nothing to do with what I said. I’m happy for you to kill them or to get an exterminator, but hurting something for fun or out of spite is just shit.

It’s near impossible to terminate them in such a big apartment building. And they don’t live like roaches in Japan(from what I’ve read they only visit houses during summer…). They reside here year long.

You have a point but, hell, I can’t even consider them living creatures anymore, they’re like something out of Gyo. I bet PETA would stand up for those too

If it was only mice….I remember we had tiny house-mice alongside pharao ants in our last apartment. It was adorable.

ponkoporo replied to your post: this has been on my mind for too long….

You mean the post where someone was torturing a roach with a stun gun? I don’t care if they’re a nuisance, taking pleasure in hurting them is fucked up

I really hate your opinion but right now I’ll make my reply as gross and short as possible because I’m tired.

Roaches decide to go die in the most inconvenient of places, like cocoa powder, open chips packs, cereal and the sugar bowl. I’ve unknowingly eaten plenty of their corpses in my life and I’ll probably die early from whatever shit roaches roam in.

Live with me for a few years, maybe your opinion will change.

this has been on my mind for too long.

extremist tumblr people can piss me off so much sometimes. I’m still remembering that one time on my dashboard where they were defending cockroaches. 

what. the. fuck.

it still offends me severely to this day. living 10 years in a tiny apartment where walls and dark, damp places are filled to the brim with roaches, you’ll start to appreciate spiders.

I would move the fuck out of here if I could…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope you're having a faaaaabulous day!

Thanks! It’s been really peaceful actually! :D

How pleasant…I think last year I slept through my birthday because I was super sick XD

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a nice day you great person, master of cute r63 and best Estonian ever :3

Hahahh yeah I probably could be, since Estonians are typically really mean x_x

Thank you! :D

had to wash my hair, now it’s only a bit orange…well, back to ‘potato blonde’ it is, in a few days. :D

regular/natural/brownish blonde is literally called potato-blonde in Estonian

I can officially consider myself a potato

You have to go to bed, it's late under the estonian sky

but it’s saturdayyyy…

…you know what actually fine

I’m pretty tired from having accomplished nothing today

You don't even look so young!

young enough to not be taken seriously from now on XD

cottonsulk replied to your post “selfie plz”

which one are you

I’m obviously the black jeans in the bg

selfie plz

hahh ha reallyyy? everyone’s gonna have a fit over how young I am again, I don’t wear make-up and look like I’m 14 or sth :V

I don’t even have anything with a frontside camera…except the Android tablet PC…hold on, this makes pics so crappy that nobody will be able to tell what’s on it..

I’m sorry you had to see that XD

now you know: your favorite artist is a small-town brat without a smartphone 

included in the photo is a tinier sibling brat there for size and hair color comparison

finally cut my hair shorter and dyed it red

that’s one dream followed :D

although it’s not permanent dye and looks really uneven because I didn’t have anyone to help me with it

one dream followed really sloppily :D